CONCERT REVIEW: All Time Low @ Kool Haus – 07.15.09

All Time Low

All Time Low brings We The Kings, Cartel and Days Differenceon a short East Coast tour in support of their sophomore album, Nothing Personal. The tour hit Toronto on a nice summer night of July 15th, opening the show was Virginia band Days Difference. Although lead singer Jeremy Smith is responsible for the catchy piano rhythm of their songs, he does not neglect the crowd as he spent plenty of timeduring their set interacting with fans by leaving his keyboard and walked around the stage. Make sure you check out their song “Radio Song” on their MySpace here.


Days Difference

After Days Difference, Georgia band Cartel took over the stage. Cartel has been around for a few years and they are currently working on their fourth album “Cycles”, they released a new song entitled “Let’s Go” which they played on the tour as well, it can be streamed on their MySpace.

We The Kings

The third band on the bill was We The Kings. It was my third time seeing We The Kings and they put up an awesome show as usual. In addition to songs from their album, the band covered Jimmy Eat World’s The Middle with a special appearance of All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth. From their previous shows, I learned that they love to play cover songs so I was not surprised they played one on this tour as well. Personally I love their covers because sometimes the originals are not from the band’s genre, and it’s interesting to see how the band would perform it with their own twist (the band has performed Gorillaz’ “Feel Good Inc”, Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”, The Killer’s “Mr. Brightside” and even Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli” in the past). The best part of the covers is the crowd since the songs are usually well-known and fans would recognize it at once and would sing along with the band. The band closed off their set with “Check Yes Juliet” (again, not surprised) and it got the whole floor shaking, We The Kings definitely did their job well by warming up the crowd for All Time Low.

All Time Low

All Time Low

And minutes before the quartet from Baltimore, Maryland took the stage of Kool Haus, fans were already pushing against the barricades with buzzing excitement and when the disclaimer (which talked about how the band is not responsible if they offend anyone in the audience with their “senseless amount” of profanity and sexual jokes) played as part of the intro, the fans were already in an uproar for their favorite band. Returning to Toronto for the second time in 2009 (they opened for Fall Out Boy in May), All Time Low is no stranger to the stage of Kool Haus (they played there in November 08 on the Sellout Tour, which I unfortunately could not attend). Opening their anticipated set was “Lost In Stereo”, from the band’s newest album and the next song was an old favorite “Six Feet Under The Stars”. One of the best things about an All Time Low show is the band interacts A LOT with the crowd through their random stories and rants. Between the second and third song the band announced their new album sold 69,000 in the United States in the first week, yet they only sold 1200 in Canada, which led to a complaint about how Canadians need to go out and buy some records. During their set, Jack Barakat (guitarist/vocals) maintained a lot of action with his endless energy by bouncing around the stage and jamming out to fans by sitting on the side stage. On the other side of the stage, in comparison with Jack, Zack Merrick (bassist/vocals) tends to stay by his mic stand, occasionally jumping and running around the stage. Although he is at the back, it’s pretty hard to ignore Rian Dawson the drummer with his illuminated drumset, and he is responsible for the strong and catchy drum beats heard on the band’s new album such as “Damned If I Do Ya, Damned If I Don’t”. With two and a half albums released, it’s hard to select a set list that would satisfy everyone. The last song the band played before the encore was their hit single “Weightless”, after that they came back out for a supposedly two songs encore that turned into three. After the first song of the encore, Alex asked a girl in the crowd why was she looking so sad and she said she wants to hear “Shameless” from the band’s first album. Alex then asked his fellow bandmates if they have time for another song, luckily they did and warned the crowd of the quality of the song because they haven’t played the song in awhile. Despite Alex’s uncertainty, the band gave up a wonderful performance of the song in such short notice and it showed All Time Low’s professionalism that is generally overlooked due to their mischievous nature. Thank you for making Toronto feel special with the extra few minutes, All Time Low, until next time… (which might be sooner than you know)

All Time Low

All Time Low

Set List

Lost In Stereo
Six Feet Under The Stars

Break Your LIttle Heart
Poppin’ Champagne
Jasey Rae

Remembering Sunday
Holly (Would You Turn Me On?)

Coffee Shop Soundtrack
Damned If I Do Ya, Damned If I Don’t
Dear Maria, Count Me In

Text and photos by Jessie Lau

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