Canadian band Everlea recently opened for a Taking Back Sunday concert I attended, I was immediately captured by their unique sound and energy. Learn more about the band through this short interview!

M:  How would you describe Everlea’s sound?
E: Pop rock.

M: The line up has changed a few times, how did you guys cope with the  change?
E: Replacing members is never easy.  There are musical subtleties that a band develops after playing together for a period of time and when band members are always coming and going, it can be hard to refine these subtleties.  What we’ve found works best is to pinpoint the subtle things, like feel and groove, and work intensively on these areas.  It can be a challenge to someone who is new to the more ethereal areas playing in a band, but once it clicks, the gains are huge and the “gelling” process can happen fairly quick.

M: What was it like going on the Canadian tour earlier this year?
E: Initially, I had some reservations about driving across the country in the dead of winter (we’ve seen our fair share of ditches), but once we were on the road, I fell in love with the serene beauty of Canada’s wintertime landscapes.  It was a truly unique experience that I’m glad to have been able to enjoy.  Oh yeah, the shows were great too!

M:  How did you guys end up opening for Taking Back Sunday? How was the experience?
E: We have the promoters, livenation, to thank for throwing us on the TBS show.  They’ve been kind to us, and we can’t thank them enough for the opportunities they’ve given us over the past year.  Getting to meet, and share the stage with a band who I grew up listening to was a surreal experience… I’m still pinching myself 🙂

M: You guys shot a music video for Cigarettes on a beach, what was it like?

E: It was crazy!  The combination of sand, rain, and electric guitars don’t usually make for a good time. Lucky for us, we were working with a great team who kept spirits high during a potentially volatile situation.  We’re really excited about the video, and can’t wait to share it with our fans – it’s certainly been a long time coming.

M: Name a few bands you would like to go on tour with.
E: Oh wow, there are so many bands we would like to tour with that I don’t think I can really give a proper answer to this question.  Here are a few, of the many: Lifestory:Monologue, N*E*R*D, Andrew W.K., Meg and Dia, Lights, I Am Committing A Sin, Radiohead, Brighter Brightest and all of the friends we’ve made over the years of playing with so many great, underrated bands.siteсайты новосибирска

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