ALBUM REVIEW: Paramore – Brand New Eyes Review

“God knows the world doesn’t need another band, but what a waste it would’ve been!” Hayley Williams proclaims in “Looking Up”, on Paramore’s new album.

Indeed, what a waste it would have been if Paramore has given up.

Compare Paramore to a teenager (which most of the band members are), debut full-length “All We Know Is Falling” resembles the innocence. Sophomore “Riot!” would be the rebellious stage everyone goes through. And finally there is “Brand New Eyes”, a matured and experienced point of view.

After their hit song “Misery Business” has became a radio hit and the media attention from being part of the Twilight franchise, there have been many debates on Paramore among fans on whether the band has sold out or not. It really doesn’t matter because this album is the testimony from the band. They love what they do and they are enjoying every second of their success.

Filling the band’s much anticipated new release on Fueled By Ramen is eleven songs of honest and personal lyrics. A few years into the music business has taught Tennessee natives Paramore lots of things and one can see how it feels to be in Paramore’s shoes from songs such as “Looking Up” and “Feeling Sorry”.

Personal favorite includes the second single “Brick By Boring Brick” with the powerful guitars and captivating vocals from Hayley which makes you want to start doing hairflips like she does when performing. Another is “Turn It Off” that has beautiful lyrics along with a melodic intro and catchy chorus. Closing off the albums is the track “All I Wanted” features a few simple verses and the repeating line “All I wanted was you” that showcases Hayley’s progression as a vocalist.

Written by Jessie Lauсайтадвордс гугл ком

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