CONCERT REVIEW: Jack’s Mannequin @ Sound Academy – 02.26.10

Jack's Mannequin

There might have been a blizzard and a Canada vs. Slovakia hockey semi-final game going on at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. But on a Friday night, Jack’s Mannequin fans made way to the outskirts of downtown Toronto to the Sound Academy by the docks for a great night of live music.

儘管一場暴風雪和溫哥華冬季奧運會加拿大與斯洛伐克的冰球準決賽正在進行中,星期五晚上,Jack’s Mannequin的樂迷則在多倫多市中心邊緣,碼頭旁的Sound Academy看了一場精彩的live.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


Filling the Sound Academy with 2000 people, the Sing For Your Supper Tour features Vedera, fun. and Jack’s Mannequin. Unfortunately, Vedera was snowed in due to the snowstorm and could not play that night. Therefore New York indie rock/power pop band fun. took over the duty of opening. Lead singer Nate Ruess has a unique voice and the band’s uplifting melodies were very refreshing. And fun. gives a very energetic set. The band performed from their debut album Aim And Ignite, songs like The Gambler, All The Pretty Girls and At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be). On top of the many things that were going on that night, it was also Nate’s birthday! The crowd has made him cards to celebrate. Jack’s Mannequin front man Andrew McMahon also came out in the middle of their set to bring a drink for Nate and urged the crowd to sing Nate Happy Birthday. Andrew’s appearance brought the crowd’s energy to the highest point.

Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin

When Andrew McMahon slowly walked on stage and sat in front of his Baldwin grand piano, the crowd was screaming their heads off. As he began to play the intro to I’m Ready, the crowd was still cheering and it never stopped throughout the night. Seconds later, the full band joined in I’m Ready and lights were flashing as Andrew sang at his piano. Constantly shifting from standing and sitting at the piano, Andrew McMahon rarely stayed still as he poured his heart and soul out. The next song was The Resolution, a single from the band’s sophomore album The Glass Passenger that came out in 2008. As Jack’s Mannequinstarted the third song The Mixed Tape, Andrew finally leaves his piano – but not for long. In the beginning of the song, he climbed on top of the Baldwin and proceeded to jump off and ran to the edge of the stage for some close contact with fans before running back to his piano. Jack’s Mannequin also launched into Dark Blue… under flooding dark blue lights. Since Jack’s Mannequin has a very solid fanbase all over the place, it was delighting to see the enchanted audience singing along every single word like Miss California, Bruised and Holiday From Real. In addition to the songs from thetwo full-lengths, Jack’s Mannequin also performed Diane, The Skyscraper from the Dear Jack EP that was released in 2009 (along with the documentary Dear Jack, about Andrew’s journey fighting leukemia) and a b-side called Last Straw. For the 10 minutes two part MFEO/You Can Breathe, the band changed it up for a bit as they incorporated U2’s With Or Without You at the end of the song. Andrew had the crowd sang back the “with or without you” chorus which was really exciting and the audience was extremely receptive. There was a two song encore that began with Swim, an inspiring piece that reminds listeners to keep their heads up when things are not going their way “you gotta swim, don’t let yourself sink” and La La Lie, a song about friendship and a much anticipated song. During La La Lie, Andrew played the harmonica in one hand while another hand keeps with the piano, he is the king of multitasking. It was bittersweet but a great way to end the show. One of the best things Jack’s Mannequin is how much Andrew cares about his fans. As there was a home hockey game for Canada, Andrew kept the audience up to date with the score throughout the set. It was amazing to watch the filled up Sound Academy cheered for Team Canada.

Text and photos by Jessie Lau
Translated by Jaime Chugame angry racerреклама недвижимости в интернете