CONCERT REVIEW: Bamboozle Roadshow @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre – 16.06.10

All Time Low

This year’s Bamboozle Roadshow stopped at Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheater, the first time the Roadshow ever had a Toronto date and I was pleasantly surprised. The Roadshow was supposed to have two stages featuring a range of big and smaller acts, sort of like a mini Warped Tour. However, the second stage got canceled (possibly due to low attendance). In the end, bands performed were Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, Third Eyed Blind, LMFAO, Good Charlotte, Forever The Sickest Kids and Drive A.

今年的Bamboozle Roadshow奇蹟地停多倫多的Molson Canadian Amphitheater。由於這次是第一次,也令我十分驚喜。本身Roadshow有兩個台分別給較出名的樂隊和小型的樂隊演出,基本上好像一個迷你的Warped Tour般。不幸地,多倫多的第2個台給取消了,可能是因為出席人數低的關係。最後,演出了的band包括有Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, Third Eyed Blind, LMFAO, Good Charlotte, Forever The Sickest Kids和Drive A。

Forever The Sickest Kids

The doors opened at 4pm and the first band played was Los Angeles quartet Drive A that most people haven’t heard of. The band even tried to start a circle pit and a “fuck you” chant that sounded rather pathetic and embarrassing to hear/witness. Up next was Forever The Sickest Kids, who hasn’t played in Toronto since November 2008, which is a long time compare to some bands in the scene that hit up Toronto every few months on their touring schedule. The Dallas, Texas powerpop sextet started their much anticipated set with “She Likes (Bittersweet Love)” and “Whoa Oh! (Me vs Everyone)”. The crowd of fans had their fists pumping and singing along, showing how much Toronto misses FTSK. Frontman Jonathan Cook recognized that and explained they haven’t been able to come back due to scheduling conflicts and they love their Canadian fans as he has seen on Twitter. FTSK played a new song “Keeps On Bringing Me Down” and closed off the energetic set with “She’s A Lady”.

Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte, an older band compared to many of the acts on the tour. It is interesting to see how the 14 year old band is opening for younger acts such as Boys Like Girls and All Time Low (who also cited GC as one of their influences). Good Charlotte was entertaining to watch, parts of the reason they have a bigger fanbase and their songs are well known. The most enjoyable thing for me is watching the band and it is evident how much they genuinely appreciate the fans and being able to play music after all these years. As a band that has successfully “made it”, they are still really humble and take time to address fans. Good Chalotte played the classics “The Anthem”, “Boys and Girls”, “The Young & Hopeless”, “I Just Wanna Live”, “Dance Floor Anthem (I Don’t Wanna Be In Love)” and a new song “Like It’s Her Birthday” from the band’s upcoming album Cardiology.


I have never listened to LMFAO before so I had no idea what to expect for their set. It turned out to be rather fascinating and well, different. The hip-hop/dance duo was very energetic, jumping and running around the stage getting a dance party started in the crowd. They had some pretty cool and flashy props like a lego man and a dancer dressed in gold and shutter shades that say “party rock”, overall it was a pretty weird set. Also, the boys were wearing low rides jeans with their underwear showing and it would say “Don’t Judge Me”… too late for that, I already did. (But the question is, why/how did they have a longer set than Good Charlotte?)

Third Eye Blind

I, unfortunately was one of the many among the audience that have not been graced by the music of Third Eye Blind. There were groups of guys singing along to 3EB but it was uncommon. In fact, the group of teenage girls at the barricade only cheered as Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low joined the stage with Third Eye Blind during “Jumper”. It was a very different experience watching the older band in comparison to the other pop punk acts, 3EB’s performance was calm and controlled.

All Time Low

It was not a surprise that the audience was packed with All Time Low and Boys Like Girls fans. As usual, All Time Low gave up a brilliant performance, doing an incredible job engaging the crowd with their exploding enthusiasm. The band opened with “Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal” and the set mainly features songs from their third album Nothing Personal and only performed “Jasey Rae” from their first EP, kind of a bummer that “Coffee Shop Soundtrack” was not included in the set. After the incident at a Texas Six Flags that resulted in eager fans at the barricade getting maced by local police, ATL made sure they got an OK from the venue’s security before inviting people who didn’t get general admission tickets into the half-filled pit.

Boys Like Girls

Boston pop rockers Boys Like Girls was given the task to close off the night with a bang and they did not disappoint. Lead singer Martin Johnson certainly knows how to charm a crowd, occasionally throwing one of the many guitar picks on his mic stand and substituting some lyrics with “Toronto”, earning some cheers. The band made the set upbeat while manged to have some mellow time during ” Two Is Better Than One” and “Thunder”. “Thunder” was performed a little bit differently than other times as Johnson sang the first verse and stopped for awhile, walked back and forth on the stage while the fans were cheering before he finally launched into the chorus. Presumably building up the momentum for the passionate lyrics “Your voice was thesoundtrack of my summer/Do you know you’re unlike any other/You’ll always be my thunder”, making an interesting performance.


Overall, Bamboozle Roadshow has the weirdest tour line up (but hey it has a Toronto date so I’m not really complaining) and bad timing resulting in low attendance. Since the show began at 4pm, not many kids can attend to check out the opening/smaller bands. Also, it took place around exam times so kids might have opted to study instead of going to a rock show. It was kind of sad watching all the empty seats at the back.

Text and photos by Jessie Laugames download mobiпродвижения сайта в поисковиках