CONCERT REVIEW: Vans Warped Tour 2010 @ Arrow Hall – 09.07.10

The annual punk rock summer camp known as Warped Tour stopped at Toronto on Friday, July 9th at the International Centre. There was a thunderstorm forecasted that day, as the day was also after the heat wave that hit Toronto and resulted in 44 Celsius weather for a few days, the rain was much needed. Warped Tour attendees were lucky and escaped the promised thunderstorm. But although the storm did not happen, there was rain in the morning. Door opened at 11am and the rain stopped at around 12pm, cooling everything down, making the day neither too hot nor too cold and wet.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

All-American Rejects

Sum 41

The Pretty Reckless

This year’s Warped Tour lineup featured many big named bands such like Sum 41 and All-American Rejects which I was glad because I have always wanted to see these bands but never got a chance to. All-American Rejects was extremely entertaining to watch, frontman Tyson Ritter was dressed up in a white suit that was radiating and he knew how to engage the crowd. Before playing the band’s classic “Dirty Little Secret”, Tyson Ritter told the crowd “I want to hear the ladies say dirrty dirrrty little secret”. It was rather awkward but hey the crowd responded! Their performance actually reminded me a little bit of All Time Low’s live shows, mostly due to Tyson Ritter’s “dirty talk” that is similar to the notorious All Time Low stage antics. Makes me wonder if this is how ATL’s lives shows are going to be in a few years. Hmm.

Bring Me The Horizon

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen’s band The Pretty Reckless was also on the tour this year. They played to a smaller audience than I expected. I thought her Gossip Girl fame would attract more people but I was wrong (It might also be the fact that British deathcore band Bring Me The Horizon was tearing it up at the main stage…that might be why). I was really impressed with her voice and musical style, which, like her image is more mature than her 16 going on 17 year old self.


Artist vs. Poet

Misunderrated’s beloved Fueled By Ramen band VersaEmerge signed on the whole Warped Tour after last year’s run. The band finally has some new material to perform after they released their much overdue debut album “Fixed At Zero” shortly before the start of Warped Tour. Since VersaEmerge has a solid fan base in Toronto, it was a not surprising to see fans singing along to the fresh release. During a song, lead singer Sierra Kusterbeck’s mic was detached from the wire due to her animated movements, causing her to stop singing for a bit and the fans carried on for her, which made Sierra pretty happy.

Sparks The Rescue

I also had the chance to catch pop punk band Sparks the Rescue’s set. Personally I found their sound very catchy but generic, but frontman Alex Roy was extremely charismatic and gave a fun performance. The last performance I saw was Artist vs Poet, Sparks The Rescue’s fellow labelmate on Fearless Records, is also on the tour and it was their first time playing in Toronto. Despite it was the band’s first visit, fans were very energetic and welcoming, dancing along to the band debut album “Favourite Fix” especially the last song of the set “Damn Rough Night”.

Fun fact about the Fearless tent, as far as I observed from my Warped Tour date in Canada, they were selling their artists’ CDs for 5CAD. I first purchased Artist vs Poet’s new album there, when my friend wanted his copy after seeing their live set, the tent was already packed so we headed to the AVP merch tent, but they were selling it for 10CAD. Just a note to all you attendees, check out the Fearless tent for some good deals. I was a bit disappointed when I did not see the Wonka tent or their oompa loopas with free candies at the Toronto date, I am going to assume it is because it’s a Canadian date. Seems like we are always missing out.

Text and photos by Jessie Lauсумка для macbook air 13продвижение бренда