CONCERT REVIEW: The Secret Handshake @ Sneaky Dee’s – 30.07.10

With the new album “Night & Day” coming out on August 17th, The Secret Handshake went on a small headlining tour to promote the new album. The Toronto date fell on a Friday evening at Sneaky Dee’s.

Although it was my first trip to Sneaky Dee’s, I have heard many good things about the food and intimate venue. I knew the show was going to be small but I did not expect how small it actually ended up being. There was probably 40 people in audience (at most) and just as The Secret Handshake’s frontman Luis Dubuc pointed out a few songs into the show, “this is the awkwardest show I have ever played, it feels like a house party.”

The Secret Handshake

Still, as awkward as it was for him, it was very interesting. Another thing about expectations and reality: I thought he would play a longer set with a combination of some old songs. Along with his Handshakes (tour mates), they played a 7 or 8 songs set with only one old song played (“Summer of ’98”). Luis Dubuc focused solely on his duty as vocalist and did not play other instruments like he did on the AP Tour back in November. It was a great opportunity to hear nothing but material from the new album. It is a very different record from the previous electronica release “My Name Up In Lights”, according to Luis Dubuc, it is a “Motown record”. People who used to judge The Secret Handshake because of its “autotune sound” hence Luis Dubuc’s ability to make music is going to be disappointed since the new album is refreshing and fun.

Text and photos by Jessie Lau
Translated by Jaime Chugame online rpg mobileиндексирование сайта в гугл