ALBUM REVIEW: Becca – Alive!!

Becca Hollcraft, mostly known as just “Becca”, is a rocker chick that comes after mainstream household names like Avril Lavigne and Skye Sweetnam. Becca signed to Sony Music Japan in 2008 and launched her career overseas in Japan before making her debut in home country America. Becca was also on the full tour of Vans Warped Tour 2010.

The album cover of her debut album “Alive!!” features Becca in multicolored streaks holding an electric guitar, staring at you daringly.

Title track “I’m Alive!” is an energetic anthem that declares Becca’s intention to take over the music scene with lyrics like “I’m ALIVE! Oh, yeah. Between the good and bad’s where you’ll find me/Reaching for heaven/I will fight/And I sleep when I die/I live, My life, I’m ALIVE!” The following track “Turn To Stone” gets more emotional and has a beginning that echoes Avril Lavigne’s “Things I’ll Never Say”. Despite the similarities, the song remains catchy with a memorable chorus that goes “and I turn to stone, you are not the one I used to know”.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The song “Guilty Pleasure” (I will just excuse the clichéd title) introduces a flirty Becca that boldly states “I don’t really care if you’re not single/We could use each other just a little/No one has to know if we’re together/Come on let me be your guilty pleasure”

The whole album is very generic pop rock, however to my surprise; the album gets better in the second half by showcasing Becca’s diverse vocal talent. For example, “Lose You Now” is a heartbreaking ballad with a main line “I don’t wanna leave you now”. The song stated off slowly and softly, with Becca’s vocals progress from soft to a stronger and powerful delivery and ended the song with a high-pitched whisper.

I was ready to dismiss the album as another rocker chick trying to be the next Avril Lavgine yet I was impressed with Becca’s voice and the variety of musical style explored on the album.

Written by Jessie Lau
Translated by Jaime Chuлифт рекламасео оптимизация интернет магазина

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