CONCERT REVIEW: A Day To Remember @ Sound Academy – 03.20.11

A Day To Remember

Last year A Day To Remember were Toursick, this year they are the Gamechangers. The Gamechangers Tour features British deathcore favorites Bring Me The Horizon, post-hardcore bands Pierce The Veil and We Came As Romans as openers. This tour accompanies the release of ADTR’s fourth album What Separates Me From You, the follow up to their highly successful Homesick in 2009. The tour came to Toronto on March 20th at the Sound Academy and it was not surprisingly a sold out show (ADTR sold out all the dates on Toursick last year and BMTH has a huge following). Unfortunately, BMTH had some transportation issues and was unable to perform the show that night. Moreover, lead singer of ADTR Jeremy McKinnon shared on Twitter that his voice has not been in the best condition, which makes one wonders how the performance is going to be.

Michigan band We Came As Romans performed first. The six member band has two singers, one with clean vocals (Kyle Pavone) and a screamer (David Stephens). Among breakdowns and intense growls, the band also has some electronic melodies layered into their sounds. Overall, WCAR gave an highly energized set complete with hairwhips and synchronised jumps.

WCAR’s label mate on Equal Vision Records, San Diego’s progressive/experimental rock band Pierce The Veil has a unique sound. Most of that is due to vocalist Vic Fuentes’s exceptionally high pitched voice and the band’s guitar riffs. Most remarkable was the band pulled a girl about 15 on stage for “Yeah Boy and Dollface”. Vic noted that the audience is about to “witness some Mexican Justin Bieber s*** right now”, which was somewhat accurate because the girl just covered her mouth in euphoria when Vic started singing to her. Vic even held the lucky girl’s hand and knelt as he lovingly sang “will you fall in love with me?” until the girl was brought off stage as the song launches into the chorus, of course not before receiving a hug from Vic. The band also played a short cover of hip hop band Far East Movement’s “Like A G6”, a fun deviant to the band’s sound. For some reason (possibly the due to his throat) Jeremy was unable to perform his screaming part on PTV’s song “Caraphernelia” at the end of their set, it was disappointing.

Headliner A Day To Remember brings out the best stage props and set up. After a curtain drop and a gigantic American flag with the band’s phoenix logo on it, the set started with “Sticks & Bricks”, the opening track from the new album, accompanied by explosions of smoke and confetti. Their backdrop features the streets/buildings on the album cover, they even brought real lamp posts, the interesting part is the windows on the backdrop even lights up to look like real houses. The Florida band played for a little more than an hour, featuring songs from mostly the most recent two albums with a few songs from older work. Their performance finally ended with an encore of “The Downfall Of Us All”. Although vocalist McKinnon’s was sick, his voice was very raspy and unable to hit all the notes, nothing stopped the sold out crowd’s energy in response to the band’s dynamic performance. The audience echoed every angst filled line from “my heart is filled with hate” to “get the f*** over it” enthusiastically. McKinnon still talked between songs even though his voice was cracking up horribly, so much respect to him for not cancelling the show.

Text and photos by Jessie Lau
Translated by Jaime Chuзаказ статьи вакреклама на билбордах цена