CONCERT REVIEW: Vans Warped Tour 2011 @ Arrow Hall – 15.07.11

Without realizing, the annual Vans Warped Tour crept around just like that. This is also Misunderrated’s third year covering Warped Tour and also meant that the site has passed its third birthday! Anyway, comparing this year’s line-up to the previous ones, it definitely lacked something big. Half of the Main Stage bands wouldn’t have been able to play the main stage if the line-up hasn’t been so… disappointing (or maybe last year’s lineup was spoiling).

One of the bigger names that played was Paramore, who is playing selected dates of the tour. These dates on Warped Tour are the band’s first time playing in North America since last year, as they have been busy with overseas tours. Most significantly, it is their first time performing in after the departure of two original members who released a rather exposing statement regarding the nature of the band’s internal dynamics. Therefore, in some ways. Paramore had a lot to prove through these performances that they are still Paramore (in fact, they had a t-shirt that says “Paramore is STILL a band”, to reassure the fans). In her famous flaming multicolor hair, lead singer Hayley Wililams hopped on stage with the remaining members of the band, guitarist Taylor York and。 bassist Jeremy Davis under a mixture of exciting chant of “Paramore” and screaming from anticipating fans and started off with “That’s What You Get”. Throughout the set, Williams continued to pounce around the stage, whipping her fiery red hair back and forth. In addition to older materials like “Pressure”, “Careful” and “Here We Go Again”. the band also performed the new single “Monster” (from Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack). Williams spontaneously delivered the lyrics with an edge and some sassiness, which occurs way too often (almost every song) for my liking, it does get old and annoying after a bit. The band closed off with “Misery Business”, in which Williams pulled a guy from the audience and had him sing the rest of the song with her, which was probably the most interesting thing from the set…until the explosion of orange confetti after the big finale of the song and concluded the set.


There For Tomorrow

One of the frustrating things about Warped Tour and its multi-stage set up is probably having (at least) two bands you want to see playing at the same time. While the bands’ play time alters daily, these are unavoidable situations. And this happened with Automatic Loveletter and There For Tomorrow. Unfortunately, Automatic Loveletter, which is led by Juliet Simms, happened to play the same time Paramore did on another smaller stage to a modest crowd. Simms thanked the loyal fans by saying “thank you for sticking around when you could be seeing Paramore right now” and also encouraged the crowd to get closer for more intimacy. Since the band has recently released an acoustic album, titled “The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On”, Simms brought out an acoustic guitar and sang some songs from the new release. Simms’ powerful and raspy voice combined with the strong strums of the acoustic guitar created an unique and engaging performance that stood out from the loudness of other regular performances on Warped Tour.

Automatic Loveletter

Florida band There For Tomorrow has played Toronto a few times over the last few years and had a solid following, however they haven’t came back in a year and a half. This year, they return with the release of their sophomore album “The Verge”. Sadly, the band played the same time as another Florida band A Day To Remember took over the Main Stage, which attracted most of the attendees. Judging from previous tours and an interview, in which guitarist Neil Westfall pointed out they wouldn’t want kids to get bored at their shows, one of the things that A Day To Remember pay a lot attention to is their stage set up. And the boys don’t give up, even on Warped Tour, and always determined to bring something fun and refreshing to their shows. Upon the beginning of the set, an caricature of the band was getting inflated on top of the stage and inflatable speakers with hands grabbing them were set up on both sides of the stage, giving the illusion that it’s an ADTR headliner instead of the “punk rock summer camp” Warped Tour. The band probably had the biggest crowd of the day and the energy of the audience was exploding despite it being 6pm. The band began with “I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?”, featuring guest vocals from The Devil Wear’s Prada vocalist Mike Hranica, one of the best things about Warped is getting to see duets live! Almost every song was rewarded with an applause from the crowd, demonstrating the band’s popularity. ADTR closed off with “The Downfall of Us All”, soon after the title of the song was announced, an uproar from the crowd ensued and fists were pounding as the anthem-like intro “da da da da da da” set in, and half a dozen of beach balls were released from the stage into the crowd.

A Day To Remember

With over seventy bands on Warped Tour, making it a great place to discover some new bands and explore genres that you normally wouldn’t have a chance to see. I was on my way to the washroom when I saw this very eccentric band playing the remote Kevin Says Stage, named after Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman and is used to showcase up and coming bands. Turns out the band playing was pop rock band The Dance Party, lead singer Mick Coogan was shirtless in a pair of white pants and thrusting his pelvis, you know, just dancing around (if you wondered how they caught my attention). Their over-the-top performance was super entertaining and attracted a group of people by their set to start a little dance party away from the big crowd. I have heard so much about Foxy Shazam from my fellow photographers and had to make a trip to check out the band. Their live performances resembled more of a circus than of a rock show. All band members were busy performing their instruments while carrying out various stage antics, from running around the little stage, kicking, headstand, balancing the guitar with one finger…it’s like nothing you have ever seen before.

The Dance Party

Foxy Shazam

One of the last bands that played were post-hardcore band Of Mice And Men, with the full sleeves tattoo, dark hair and long legs, vocalist Austin Carlile definitely bears some resemblance to Suicide Silence’s vocalist Mitch Lucker.  Despite it was one of the final sets of the day, many fans were still around for OMAM, and they did not disappoint their fans. Carlile has an engaging stage presence and knows how to please the crowd, like replacing his tank top with one of a local band’s with Toronto written on it. The closing band of the night was 3OH!3, the electropop duo originated from Colorado that has seen the big limelights thanks to the radio hit “Don’t Trust Me” back in 2008. There’s no question that whenever 3OH!3 is playing, there’s a dance party. Fans showed their support by making the 3OH!3 sign and dancing along. Singer Nathaniel Motte made up a song on the spot about Mississauga (this Warped Tour stop).  The band played a handful of songs while the sun is setting, and ended the 17th Vans Warped Tour with none other than “Don’t Trust Me”.



Text and photos by Jessie Lau
Translated and edited by Jaime Chugames for javaпродвижение web сайтов