CONCERT REVIEW: The Maine @ The Mod Club – 12.19.11

You see, I wasn’t planning on going to this show, I mean, I just covered them in May! But then, The Maine had never played The Mod Club in the eight or so times they have played in Toronto, and I love The Mod Club (which has become the Virgin Mobile Mod Club, oh)! A friend later told me that the band is actually playing their new album from start to finish and there is no opening band. And I thought, “seriously?! I have to go to that!”

And so there I was.

Counting my fingers, it was my sixth time seeing The Maine. It is a great experience to witness how far a band has come in the last few years. And the main goal of the Pioneer tour is to recognize that achievement as well as the fans that have been there. The Pioneer tour was all about The Maine and the fans. Halfway through the first part of the night, where The Maine performs track-by-track from their new record Pioneer, lead singer John O’Callaghan explained their purpose for the special tour, that they have put a lot of effort into the new album and the band is really proud of it, and that it really means a lot to “know people still give a shit (about the band)”. Considering how often a band puts out a new album only to have fans saying how the older material sounds better and/or wishing the band plays more oldies at the show, The Maine certainly took a big risk with the tour. Luckily, it was well received as they played a sold out show in Toronto. The band also took some time to talk about the songs, for example, O’Callaghan said that “Jenny” was about his mother.

Fortunately for those fans who came to hear the band playing old songs, they were also satisfied because the concert was split into two halves, the first part was the performance of Pioneer and the second half was dedicated to the other songs. There was an intermission between the two sets during which the band took a break and showed the crowd a mockumentary styled retrospective video by the band, depicting how the band perceived the last few years of the band’s development. The Maine caricatured their entire existence as a band into an entertaining and heartfelt video, which the crowd enjoyed immensely. In the short video, The Maine reenacted their first photoshoot as a band, recording in the studio, and more photoshoots, “behind the scenes” of their music video shoots and signing to a major label. And of course, depicting drummer Pat Kirch’s addiction with cupcakes.

After the screening of the humorous mockumentary, the band came out on stage again. There were a lamp at each side of the stage, creating a homey atmosphere. On this part of the night, O’Callaghan said “hopefully this would be the singalong portion”. The band began with “Inside of You” and also “Everything I Ask For”, which were singles from their previous albums. The first few songs of the second set were played on acoustic guitars which separated that night from the usual concerts of The Maine. The performance of the rearranged version of “Everything I Ask For” was probably the best one I have seen out of half a dozen shows – it was fun and the fans sang along to every word. Even when O’Callaghan took a moment to say something to his guitarist Jared Monaco, the fans continued to sing on and O’Callaghan motioned to the crowd as if saying “you’ve all got it”. In addition, the band played an alternate version of “Saving Grace”. The highlight of the night was when the band played “Ho Ho Hopefully”, a song from the band’s Christmas EP released in 2008, a song which probably isn’t suitable to play at other shows not in December. The Maine ended the night with “Into Your Arms” in which O’Callaghan playfully replaces the lyrics from “she had the most amazing smile” to “the most disgusting rash”. After the band left the stage around 9:30pm, the crowd had no intention of leaving and began an encore chant. A few seconds later, a crew member came on stage and announced “it [encore] ain’t gonna happen” and told everyone to begin to line up at the merch table where they were holding a meet and greet inside the venue, and only autographs were allowed at the meet and greet in order to move the line up. I was the only few who left the venue shortly after, almost everyone stayed for the meet and greet.

Even though I hadn’t listened to Pioneer until that night, it was a delightful experience witnessing the band’s growth, culminating in one show. The sound of the new album is definitely a departure from the band’s earliest work, but consistent with the direction of their sophomore album as they take a more old school alternative rock turn instead of the typical catchy pop rock tunes. An Alternative Press review of The Maine’s new album ends with, “Out of all the bands borne out of Warped Tour Nation, we never would’ve guessed the Maine would be the ones putting out rock records this consistently unique, interesting and, well, great.” As I was listening to the new record, I honestly thought that if I hadn’t been listening to The Maine since their first album, I probably would not be into the band because the new sound is not what I usually listen to. What makes me enjoy the new record is probably having the chance to experience their musical journey, which is what would keep me going to see the band time after time. And hey, O’Callaghan announced they would be returning in Spring, guess who would be there?Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Photography and review by Jessie Lauescort abudabiпродвижение