CONCERT REVIEW: David Choi @ KITEC Auditorium — 05.23.12

On his Forever and Ever Asia/Australia Tour, David Choi returned to Hong Kong on May 23rd to perform his first official show in the city at the KITEC Auditorium to a lovely and eager audience. David was in Hong Kong last year on a whirlwind visit, but he had only played a short acoustic set and had a meet and greet at the local HMV. The Hong Kong fans waited and waited, and David delivered a fun and engaging set.

I have seen David in concert a couple times in Toronto but this show took place in Hong Kong, it was bound to be different, but not what I had expected. (I have seen David in concert a couple of times in Toronto. A show that took place in Hong Kong was bound to be different, but it was not what I had expected?) For starters, I had completely forgotten the fact that most concert halls in Hong Kong are seated, and this was the case. Seeing David in North America meant standing in the sold-out crowd, sweating and singing along. But in Hong Kong, at the KITEC auditorium, one gets to sit comfortably in a cushioned theater chair! I had conflicted feelings toward the chair — I was glad that I didn’t have to squeeze among the crowd and fighting for a breath of air, but a show is always better when the crowd is more involved. But at that time, I really appreciated the chair because I have seen David two other times in a different setting. So this was new.

To my understanding, Hong Kong concert-goers generally tend to be indifferent — or rather, too self-conscious to give themselves over to the music. So most people are inclined to sink into their seats, slightly bob their heads and mouthing along. Either I had that image wrong in my head or David had a really good audience (probably both), the crowd was nothing but fantastic, with a few enthusiastic fans screaming crazy outbursts here and there (“Are you single?”, “Can you touch my phone?”) while the rest of the audience slightly cringe at the situation but amused when David entertained each request and awkward question. (Can you break the previous sentence into two, between fantastic and crazy fans?) The concert had so much energy and part of it was because of David’s band for this leg of the tour. The band was very creative in coming up with appropriate (or inappropriate) jingles for David’s talking time (which is quite often; he likes to interact). As usual, the friendly David held a meet and greet after the show.

Photography and review by Jessie Lauкак создать рекламуреклама сайта на яндексе