CONCERT REVIEW: Vans Warped Tour 2012 @ Flats at the Molson Amphitheatre — 07.15.12

It’s an eventful one for Vans Warped Tour in Toronto this year: new venue, the unfortunate death of a young fan and a huge storm. But The Warped Tour goes on.

The Toronto stop of Vans Warped Tour 2012 has something new going on: a new venue at the Molson Amphitheatre, next to the amusement park Ontario Place by Lake Ontario. For the last four years, the show took place at the Arrow Hall in Mississauga. Warped Tour veterans were skeptical after the announcement of this year’s venue. Well, I know I was. Because how are they going to pull off the multi-stage setup at the Amphitheatre, instead of the regular empty parking lot? It turned out that the tour actually took place throughout the entire Ontario Place, where parts of the Park are closed for redevelopment until 2017.

I had mixed feelings towards the new venue. On the one hand, as a Toronto resident, I was pleased that I could easily get to the downtown venue via public transit (as opposed to driving, taking a train or multiple buses to the previous venue half an hour away from Toronto). On the other hand, I was excited to see their plans for the new venue but remained doubtful about how it would affect the experience.

It was weird.

For those who had never been to Warped Tour, there are half a dozen of Warped Tour stages and bands play throughout the day. The first thing one does after successfully getting in the venue is to locate the big inflatable timetable across the main stages where it tells you what time and which stage your favourite band performs. The second thing is to locate the stages around the venue and orient yourself, plan your route from stage to stage. It used to be a much simpler process at the open parking lot in the International Centre, but the layout of the Ontario Place is slightly complicated with forks into different sections. The main stages and the local stages were spread across the place, it took approximately ten minutes to get from one end to another, and that time depends on how packed the walkway is (which is pretty packed all the time). It used to be possible to see one band and immediately speed walk to another stage for another band, it’s not that easy anymore because of the increased distance.

Despite the less-convenient layout, the geography of the venue did provide some pleasant surprises like the view of the beautiful Toronto skyline and the Lake Ontario. After admiring the amazing sceneries for other Warped Tour locations like the Gorge in Washington and Montreal, the Warped Tour date in Toronto finally gets a view to go with the fun.

An hour or so after doors opened, a young fan collapsed and passed away at the hill by the Monster Energy Stage during Chelsea Grin’s set. The stage was closed soon after with bands’ sets moved to other stages. According to the official statement released by Warped Tour, the cause of death is still to be determined.

A storm, as promised by the weather forecast, brought on a torrential downpour around 3:45pm. Midway through Blood on the Dance Floor’s set on one of the main stage, soon after Jeffree Star joined the stage with the band, the performance was halted and everyone went off to find shelter under tents. Because the storm didn’t seem to stop for a bit, Warped Tour directed audience members to make their way towards the Amphitheatre (which actually was not used to performances that day) to take cover or to return to their vehicles until further notice. Thousands of audience members headed to the Amphitheatre. It’s quite a slow walk, like I mentioned, especially under the pouring rain and across big and deep puddles. The show was put on hold until further notice, it was also announced that if people left because of the weather, their ticket stub to would be honoured the next show (in Buffalo, NY). People patiently waited the storm out in the Amphitheatre. To my disappointment, Warped Tour didn’t really announce what exactly was going on when everyone gathered at the Amphitheatre. Warped Tour people gathered on the stage, but they didn’t announce anything other than on their Twitter (basically, if you are heading to Warped Tour, you must follow their Twitter account). So it felt like we were all just assuming that we are waiting for the storm to pass so the show could go on again. It would be reassuring to hear a word or two from the Warped Tour team or something when we were waiting in the Amphitheatre. Thankfully, the rain stopped an hour later and the show resumed at 5pm with Anti-Flag playing on the main stage. The thought of the show being cancelled probably has crossed many people’s mind during the wait. If anything, the passing of the storm only increased the spirit of the fans for the rest of the day, despite being soaking wet from head to toe.

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Photography and review by Jessie Laubrutus-aet2.comраскрутка сайта в интернет