CONCERT REVIEW: Wanting Qu @ The Mod Club — 10.18.12

In April, we had a great chat with singer-songwriter Wanting Qu as she was slowly gaining popularity across the globe — from China back to Canada. Half a year later, returning to North America after spending some months in China, she threw a few cozy concerts between the coasts. The concert at Toronto’s Mod Club sold out quickly, and many fans who couldn’t get tickets requested for an extra show on the Facebook event page. There is no doubt that a candid and lovely Wanting could put on a great show that leaves the audience wanting for more.

One could highlight many moments from Wanting Qu’s show on Thursday at The Mod Club: the excitement when she appeared and opened the show with the much expected “Drenched”; the funny-sexy moment when she took off her jacket and asked the audience about this translucent yellow top, “Is this see-through — Oh, it doesn’t matter”; and the cuteness when she narrated one story after another about her father, mother, ex-boyfriends, and even her cat Tiffany during the encore song “Say the Words”.

Yet perhaps no moment can define the show better than when Wanting taught the audience members to sing along to her new song “Joker Needs Laughter Too”. On stage, glittering jacket and heels off, Wanting effortlessly erased the distance between herself and her fans. She explained that she was inspired to write this song after realizing that we often forget the jokers who bring laughter to us are those who actually need it the most to fill in the blanks in their life.

In that moment, she was no longer the singer-songwriter whose song became an instant hit after appearing in the Hong Kong movie “Love in the Buff”—she was just Wanting, a singer committed to reach out to people from all different walks of life with her music. The closeness we got from her might have something to do with the fact that this Harbin-born, Canadian-educated girl felt at home in Canada. At the end of the show, she excitedly pointed out her first Canadian friend among the audience members.

If this was the sound of her homecoming, then we are glad to use rounds of applause to welcome her back.

Review by Betty Xie
Photography by Jessie Lauключевые запросы google