No moshing at Warped Tour?!

Warped Tour started last week, and thanks to Instagram and Twitter, the tour will be on the radar for the rest of the summer. I could barely remember a time before social media played such a huge role in the event, especially getting news and updates on the ground. And the hot topic from the first week of the tour is the sightings of signs that discourages moshing and crowd surfing.


The sign outlines the risks for fans and the tour if they choose mosh and crowd surf. A quick search on Google about the issue brings up articles that Warped Tour is trying to “ban” moshing or crowd surfing, which is not the case, but bands have been told not to encourage fans to mosh by saying things like “I want to see a wall of death” or “Let’s open up the pit”. I remember my first Warped Tour, and my first and last mosh pit. It was 2008 and not everyone had a smart phone, the scene was just starting to use Twitter and Instagram didn’t exist. I literally had just walked through the gates with my friends, we were still getting used to our surroundings, figuring how the tour works, and stopped by a stage where From First to Last was playing. It was early in the day, the door had just opened, so not a lot of fans, we were watching the band play and the next thing I knew, people behind us started a mosh pit and we got caught in the middle of it. I was caught off guard and shoved to the ground, my glasses fell off. I picked up my glasses as fast as I could and got up and away from the pit. It was an experience I’m glad I had early in my concert-going career: I’m a weak kid, I wouldn’t stand a second in the mosh pit. But to each their own!

Stay safe. Kids!autokeyspy.ruкак посмотреть рейтинг